CMC participated in the 12th China International Nuts and Roasted Seeds, Snacks Foods & Ingredients and Packaging Machinery Exhibition which took place in Hefei, Central China, from April 13 to April 15.

This is the third year for CMC to join the trade show. A CMC booth was set up among those sponsored by other US agricultural products. Dried cranberries and CMC brochures were displayed at the booth. Approximately 700 copies of various CMC brochures were distributed and 30 business cards were collected at the show. MZMC staff at the booth shared information about major cranberry distributors in China with those visitors who showed interest in making purchases.

Efforts in building awareness of cranberry in this second-tier city over the last few years apparently have started to bear fruit. Over 90% of visitors, mostly trade customers, were able to recognize dried cranberries. Questions about dried cranberries’ water content, color and import duty were raised on site. MZMC working staff answered question and told customers that although dried cranberry was on the second list, the duty hadn’t been affected yet. Those who were involved in import and distribution businesses were particularly concerned about how the new import duty rate might affect the price and supply of the products.


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