Cranberry Menu Promotion in Shanghai

Between February 1 and March 1, CMC ran a cranberry menu promotion in Shanghai. 8 restaurant brands with a total of 14 outlets participated. These restaurants were Moller Villa, Hejixiaocai Restaurant, No.2 Pujiang, Pujiang Essence, Yun’s Fusion Cuisine, Back in Time, Cuisine & Lounge, and Eat More Fish.

Throughout the promotion, which ran through the important Chinese New Year festive period, each participating restaurant offered three or four new courses using dried cranberry, cranberry sauce and juice among their ingredients. These new menu items included appetizers, dim-sums (bite-size delicacies), main dishes, desserts and beverages. The restaurants promoted their new offers with stand-alone posters, tent cards and menu sheets bearing CMC’s logo. Short description of cranberry and CMC’s QR codes were also printed on these promotion materials. By the end of the promotion, a total of 7,959 cranberry dishes were sold to and enjoyed by 22,800+ patrons.

To gain more exposure, CMC invited 3 social media KOL’s (key opinion leaders), who have 590 thousand Wechat followers in total, to post 3 pieces of contents about the promotion. These posts received altogether 47,157 clicks. One of these KOL’s posted an additional piece on her Weibo, which received 28,000 impressions. CMC reposted these posts onto its official Wechat and Weibo.

After the promotion, all the restaurant brands except Yun’s Fusion Cuisine and Back in Time, have planned on including cranberry dishes into their regular menu. These dishes included Cranberry Butterfly Shrimp, Cranberry Jelly, Cranberry Prawn, Cranberry Cocktail, Cranberry Shrimp, Cranberry Scallop Salad, Cranberry Tofu Pudding, Cranberry Papaya Jelly, Cranberry Coconut Milk Jelly, Cranberry Beef Cheek and Millet.

CMC made a video about the event and posted it on Youku. This video can be viewed via the following link:








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