Cranberry Media Appreciation Lunch Event

On February 1, CMC organized a Cranberry Media Appreciation Lunch at the Moller Villa Hotel Shanghai to announce the launch of a Cranberry Menu Promotion. The lunch menu included Cranberry Goose Liver, Cranberry Shrimp and Cranberry Cocktail. They were all specially developed by Moller Villa.

27 members of the media and 17 cranberry importers/distributors participated in the event. Tyler Babcock, Deputy Director of ATO Shanghai, gave the welcome remarks. Mabel Zhuang, CMC’s China representative delivered a talk on U.S. Cranberry and gave a brief description of the Menu Promotion. 8 restaurants in Shanghai (14 outlets in total) would be participating in the promotion between February 1 and 25.

Caroline Cheng, Associate Manager of Consumer Insight from the marketing research company Nielsen, shared the findings of 2017 Cranberry Nationwide Awareness Survey which showed that the awareness of cranberries in China has reached 53%. Nick Liu, executive chef of Moller Villa Hotel Shanghai, also talked about the many applications of U.S. cranberries in the food service sector.








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