Cranberry In-Store Promotion at BreadTalk in Southern China

From October 15 to November 15, a “Heavenly Beauty of Cranberries” promotion was jointly held with the BreadTalk bakery chain, at its 72 outlets in various Southern China cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Foshan. This promotion aimed at enhancing consumers’ awareness of and liking for bakery products with cranberries. This promotion would also stimulate interest among bakers in using cranberries in their recipes.


BreadTalk developed 7 new cranberry products specially for the promotion. These were Cranberry Pineapple Bread, Cranberry Cheese Bread, Cranberry Walnut Bread, White Chocolate Cranberry Bread, Cranberry Red Velvet Cake, Cranberry Red Velvet Sliced Cake, and Cranberry Chiffon Cake.




During the promotion, the participating BreadTalk outlets were decorated with U.S. Cranberry liveries such as posters and tent cards. Bite-size samples were offered to customers for free tasting.


To create consumers’ awareness of the promotion, an advertisement was placed on the Wechat Moments (a special value-added function by the social media operator). It received 1,291,958 impressions, 67671 clicks and 738 likes. Those who clicked on the posting could download e-coupons for complimentary White Chocolate Cranberry Bread, to be redeemed at BreadTalk’s outlets. Altogether 39,688 coupons were downloaded and 9,059 were used, giving a redemption rate of 22.8%. BreadTalk also posted contents about the promotion on its own Wechat official account (1.08 million followers) and offered followers the chance to buy Cranberry Cheese Bread for RMB1.0 per piece (original price: RMB10). The limited offer of 20,000 pieces were sold out within one hour.


In addition, two editorials were posted on the public accounts of ‘Guangzhou Modern Lifestyle’ (1.12 million followers) and ‘Shenzhen Modern Lifestyle’ (1.31 million followers). These editorials received a total of 100,000+ clicks. Customers could get RMB10 coupons to buy cranberry products at BreadTalk. About 5,000 coupons were redeemed by the time of this report.


This successful promotion reached more than 1.29 million consumers. According to BreadTalk’s internal analysis, 133,724 pieces of cranberry products were sold, amounting to RMB2,350,736 (USD356,172). The most popular products during the promotion were Cranberry Pineapple Bread and Cranberry Cheese Bread, followed by White Chocolate Cranberry Bread. Subsequent to the promotion, all of cranberry products were added to BreadTalk’s regular product range.



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