U.S Cranberry Maze – Offline Consumer Education Event

On Sept 16th and 17th, MZMC conducted the captioned event designed to raise consumers’ awareness of cranberry’s anti-adhesive attribute that would contribute to the prevention of H.Pylori infection at the stomach. The event was given the title of “Explore the Taste of Cranberry and Add a Protective Shield for Your Stomach’s Health”. It took place at the popular Capital Mall located on the eastern side of Beijing.


The maze was divided into 4 sections each featuring one of the games related to cranberry’s history, special harvesting method, health benefits and recipes. The walls of each section were painted with graphics pertaining to its themes. To make the maze’s decorations interesting, frozen cranberries in transparent tubes were used as one of the walls.


Participates either have to answer simple questions, take and post photos (on WeChat) with models dressed up as farmers ready to go into bogs, or perform different acts, in order to collect the required number of stamps on their game passports to obtain their prizes after getting out of the maze.


The most important section was the one created for the purpose of letting participants understand cranberry’s anti-adhesive property and its effect on the prevention of H. Pylori. To register such messages in the participants’ minds, the latter were required to throw a red ball which represented cranberry at the wall and make it stick there, symbolizing show how cranberries would form a protective shield on the stomach wall.


Display and information counters were sent up at the entrance and outside of the maze. Shoppers were invited to participate in the game as well as to sample dried cranberry, cranberry juice and cranberry cookies.


This Cranberry Maze was the first major event for CMC to interact with consumers in Beijing to promote cranberry’s special health benefits. Messages about the event were posted on Weibo and Website prior to its execution to generate general interest. Reports of its completion were also posted onto these social media vehicles. Several social media KOLs (key opinion leaders) were also invited to participate in the game and post their comments on their personal accounts.


This event in Beijing attracted many shoppers to participate. The number of followers of CMC WeChat and Weibo accounts increased significantly after its successful conclusion.


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