U.S. Cranberry-Womai.com Online and Offline Promotion

Between August 7 and 20, CMC collaborated with Womai.com, a B2C (business-to-consumer) e-commerce site, to conduct the captioned promotion.


A customized CMC page was hosted on Womai.com during the promotion. The CMC page included basic introduction to U.S. Cranberry such as products diversity, health benefits and cranberry recipes. It also featured 15 SKUs of cranberry products at special prices. These products included dried cranberries, cranberry juice, cranberry cookies and cranberry nougats etc. The CMC landing page can be found by clicking on the following link:

To generate even more exposure, CMC arranged to run a top banner on Womai.com’s homepage and mobile App throughout the promotion. These banner ads received a combined total of 2.8 million impressions and 140 thousand clicks. They were linked to CMC’s customized landing page. At the same time, Womai.com inserted one posting about the cranberry promotion on its own official Weibo(1.5 million followers) and Wechat accounts(0.5 million followers). The Weibo posting received 54 thousand impressions and the Wechat one received 800 clicks.


In addition, MZMC placed three 5-second CMC ads on480 digital display screens installed at the elevators of residential, commercial and office buildings in Shanghai, from August 7 to 20. The 3 ads showed: (1) brief introduction to Womai.com promotion; (2) six cranberry products available on Womai.com at special prices; (3) basic information on US Cranberry. Each of the cranberry ads appeared 480 times each day over the fortnight. They were estimated to have a total reach of 5,981,472.


For the offline part, CMC worked along with Womai.com and Canda to hold a Chef Demonstration Event in the afternoon of August 7 in Shanghai. Canda operates a mobile App specializing in recipe sharing which is used by people in the food service sector to share their food ideas. CMC hired a celebrity chef to demonstrate using dried cranberries and cranberry juice in different recipes in front of about 30 local chefs and food suppliers. The celebrity chef prepared two courses namely, Sweet and Sour Cod Fish with Cranberry and Braised Beef and Shrimp Ball with Cranberry. Two videos were shot during the event and posted onto Canda’s App and some other websites. Up to now, the videos posted onto Canda’s App have received more than 4000 clicks in total. They can be viewed via the following links.


According to Womai.com’s statistics, total sales of cranberry products during the promotion had an increase of 15%, in volume terms, compared with the two-week period prior to the promotion(July 24-August 6).


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