SABS Cranberry Baking Class in Qing Huangdao Base


On July 13 and 14, SABS held a special two-day training class in its Qing Huangdao Base. SABS Qing Huangdao base was established in 2016, in cooperated with COFCO (Qing Huangdao) Peng Tai Co.  Ltd., subsidiary of COFCO. COFCO (China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation) is China’s largest state-owned food processing and trading group.

28 participants, mostly bakers from Toly Bread Company, attended the class. Toly is a large bread company in Northern China and one of COFCO Peng Tai’s major customers. Toly supplies bread products to supermarket like Walmart, RT-Mart, etc.

Mr. Heinz Fischer, SABS’s technical consultant and Ms Zeng Lifen SABS’s senior teacher conducted the training. The participants were shown how to make 2 cranberry bread products (Cranberry Red Wine Bread & Cranberry Bagel) and 4 cranberry cakes (Cranberry Cheese Cake, Cranberry Swiss Roll, Cranberry Butter Cake, Cranberry Hollander Tartlet). Christina Chen from MZMC delivered a speech about the history of cranberry and general information about the industry. The video of cranberry’s wet harvesting method was also played.

The participants indicated that cranberries have become rather popular in the baking industry. Quite a number of manufactures have begun using them in their products.









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