WUHAN: Cocktail Master Class

In the afternoon of August 8, 2017, a cranberry cocktail masterclass was held in Wuhan, Hubei province. Around 40 local bartenders and mixologists attended the event that took place at the Clove Bar.

At the opening reception, Leeann Lin from MZMC delivered a short speech on cranberries’ unique health benefits, their diverse product forms and their applications. Master mixologist Eddy Yang demonstrated cranberries’ applications by preparing 3 different cocktails: Super Tea Time, Crane Spot and Tipsy Manhattan. After his demonstration, four bartenders were invited to participate in a competition with their own cranberry cocktails which used cranberry juice, cranberry puree, dried cranberry and cranberry powder as ingredients. The one who received the most applause won a shaker as award from CMC.

On the night, Eddy was invited to be guest bartender at the Clove Bar to serve the three cranberry cocktails to the patrons, the new cocktails which became the best sellers for that night.




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