Building Awareness For Us Cranberry At KFC In Wuhan And Nanchang

Following the successful attempt in building consumers’ awareness of US Cranberry in Wuhan City by collaborating with McDonald’s last October and November, CMC conducted a similar event with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), between February 14 and 16, at the latter’s 120 restaurants in Wuhan and Nanchang, both provincial capital cities in Central China. Valentine’s Day celebration was used as the promotion’s theme.


A big standalone poster with the promotional theme, product shots of cranberry products, and CMC logo was erected near the cashier counter of each of the participating restaurants. Every customer who bought any KFC product, took photo with the specially designed US Cranberry Valentine’s Day sign boards, and scanned CMC’s Wechat QR code, was given a cranberry sample pack.



The promotion generated 8,813 new followers for CMC’s official Wechat account, representing an increase of 53% compared with total number of followers prior to the campaign. This indicated the high level of interest among Wuhan and Nanchang consumers in exploring cranberry products.



Additionally, CMC provided samples of dried cranberries to KFC for new product development.


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